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Always remember the fallen 

Louis CK on Conan


“Conan: Do you, umm, I dunno like, this is a big issue with kids and raising kids especially the kids that you have, ‘cause I have kids a similar age as you, is they all want the phones with the apps and we don’t let them have that stuff, but uh, it’s a “problem”. 
C.K.: I just don’t let ‘em have it, yeah, it’s easy. You just say “no, you can’t have it”. It’s, you know, it’s bad for you. “But I want it!” I don’t “care” what you want, that’s not even… It’s not even interesting. 
Conan: I love it, I love that “I don’t care what you want”. 
C.K.: Don’t care what you want.. I’m not there to make them happy.”

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inside the greenhouse in the rain on Flickr.
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Hating on your body and being told you’re attention seeking/pitiful
Loving your body and being told you’re arrogant
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Good folks.
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'Hug - lion and man, Kevin Richardson' by Dona Minúcia

self journal

the past few days have been strange. i keep having dreams of death. I am ‘tragically’ dying in all of them.(like a car explosion or like last night I was stabbed with a piece of metal or something) but theyre not nightmares. in the dreams im just ok and calm with dying. Its strange. in the past few days ive felt really ‘relaxed’ and carefree; and its EOI week(state finals)

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i want a boy to run through an art gallery with me

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"Pretty sweet views of #ReineFjord here in #LofotonNorway with @reine_barkered" - #BackcountryAthlete @jackiepaaso